Wooden high chair


Wooden high chair allows your baby to sit at the table with the whole family (just remove the table or put it back)! The height of the chair is designed for the height of a standard table 70-75 cm (27″-30″).

    The chair is made of solid wood (not plywood!).
    You can choose finish: uncoated, natural linseed oil or safe white acrylic paint for children’s furniture.
  • AGE
    The wooden high chair is suitable for a baby from 6 months to 5-6 years.
    The height of the seat and footrests are adjustable – the chair grows with the baby! The table can be retracted or removed if desired.
  • SAFE
    Thanks to the wide base, the chair is extremely stable!
    A special strap fixes the table, so that the baby will not be able to overturn the table or fall out of the chair..
    The chair folds up and takes up minimal space! High chair height – 92 cm (36″), base dimensions – 48 x 48 cm (19″ x 19″).
  • You will receive cushion as a gift! Cushions made of 100% linen or 100% cotton (white and red). You can choose the color and add personalization to your cushion (write the name in the comments to the order).

Please сontact us if you need to adapt the high chair to the height of your bar.